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Savage Amusement

Klaus Meine – vocals, backing vocalssavage-amusement3
Rudolf Schenker – rhythm guitars, lead guitars, slide guitars, acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Matthias Jabs – lead guitars, rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, voice box
Francis Buchholz – bass
Herman Rarebell – drums

Recorded at Dierks Studios I, II, III Cologne
Additional recording at Scorpio Sound Studios Hannover
Engineered by Dieter Dierks, Ian Taylor, Gerd Rautenbach

Mixed at Dierks Studios III by Mike Shipley and Dieter Dierks*savage-amusement6
Assistants: Jürgen Joisten, Peter Brandt
Mixed at Battery Studios London by Nigel Green and Scorpions**
Assistant: Mark Flannery

Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, New York

Cover by: Pat Gorman/Manhattan Design
Front cover photography: Caroline Greyshock
Retouching: Gregory Hergert and Fred Swanson
Back cover photo by: Greg Gorman

Backing vocals on “We Let Rock…You Let It Roll” by the “Shouting Scouts” featuring Rudolf, Francis, Matthias and Herman

Special thanks to Lee Aaron for teaming up with Klaus for backing vocals on “Rhythm Of Love” and also to Peter Baltes for singing intro vocals together with Rudolf on “Every Minute Every Day”.

Lee Aaron appears courtesy of Attic/10 Records
Peter Baltes appears coutesy of Breeze Music

Guitar Technician:
Vince “Tuning the G-String” Flaxington
Thanks a lot mate for all your help…
“String on skin sounds” in the solo of “Rhythm Of Love” with the help of Answer Me.

Special thanks to all our friends at EMI and PolyGram, particularly: Harry Anger, Dick Asher, Erwin Bach, Jörg Beutner, Lars Brennar, Winnie Ebert, Len Epand, Helmut Fest, Ted Green, Bob Jamison, Wilfred Jung, Kick Klimbie, David Leach, Drew Murray, Cliff O’Sullivan, Franz von Reyswiyk, Randy Roberts, Helmut Rücker, Dominique Scarpi, Derek Shulman, George Stoffers, Peter Treml

Special Thanks for your support:
Bob “Bärchen” Adcock, Karin Albrecht, Roy Bennett, Elmar Bissig, Howard Bloom, Hans-Otto Borges, Peter Brandt, Marty Callner, Nick “Party Animal” Caris, Suzan Crane, Robert Ellis, Ged Fitzpatrick, Mark ‘Flan the Man’ Flannery, Matthias Gierten, Gaby Goebel, Dorette Gogowski, Pat Gorman, Nigel ‘Soundfinger’ Green, Gottfried Helnwein, Wolfgang Hofer, John Jackson, Bryan Jeeves, J.J.. Mike Kahsnitz, Uschi Kaisig, Bruce Kirkland, Gerd Knüttel, Steve Leber, Terry Lee, Dave Leone, Bernie Lippke-Bonin, Anna Loefgren, Heinz-Gerd Lütticke, Hildegard Marxer, Udo Mex, Frank Mono, Helmut Newton, Dagmar Ochoiski, Ollie Olma, Sarah Owens, Bernhard Paul, Karin Pick, Debby Prisco, Annet v. Rautenkranz, Vicki Rovner, Barbara Schenker, Achim Schulze, Jochen Seeger, Carole Smith, Lori Somes, Rob Steinberg, Gerd Thieme, Al Topo, Susan Troske, Dieter Winkler, Reinhold Wolfslast, Petra Zimmermann.

Many thanks to “Anno 1900” the one and only pub in the middle of nowhere (Stommeln City), especially to Marlene (the charming president) and Sabine (the gorgeous assistant) for great drinks, steaks and good vibes
…Carneval forevr…

Very special thanks to our families:
Margret, Marcel, Gabi, Christian, Hella, Foxi, Susanne, Nicolas Steven, Philip, Anne-Marie, Corina, Michaela, Michael, Dominique, Mother Dierks…We love you.

Also very special thanks to Dieter Dierks for being on duty 25 hours a day.

For fan club information please send a self addressed and stamped envelope to:
Scorpions, P.O. Box 5220, 3000 Hannover 1, W. Germany

For official Scorpions merchandise please send a self addressed and stamped envelope to: Scorpions Merchandise, P.O. Box 708, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10103

Available songbook arranged for guitar by Peter Bursch with the cooperation of Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine.

Thanks to Gibson Guitars, Ludwig Drums, Marshall, Paiste, Peavey, Rivera, Warwick Basses.

This album took quite a long time to be recorded and completed and we really appreciate the patience and the support of our fans all over the world.

See you all on the “Savage Amusement Tour” when we let it rock and you let it roll…

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